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So, the romantic date ended up in a wedding proposal?


Are you planning to have your wedding in Greece?

Considering a sunset wedding on one of the Greek islands?

The beautiful young couple in santorini in a wedding dress

As Greece is rapidly becoming one of the most popular of wedding destinations, it’s not too difficult to book your dream wedding at one of the many Wedding Resorts on the Islands. With a view to the Caldera in Santorini, or the Zante in Zakynthos, there is no end to the romantic atmosphere the friendly islanders can create for the visitor with expectations. Whether you’ve decided to invite the whole family or elope, a wedding resort on the side of a mountain, overlooking the clear blue sea, meeting in the horizon with the even clearer blue sky, will awaken all of your senses. You’re dream wedding has just come true!

While booking your tickets and dream resort on the island, you haven’t thought of the complex formalities that are associated with an overseas marriage. The truth is that you need a bit more than just your passports to get married in another country. Mistakes can happen with the paperwork, sometimes resulting in cancelled weddings.

At WeddingsInGreece.com.au, we can help you with the Legal documents that need to be prepared before they are submitted in Greece… no errors, no worries. We will help you communicate with the Greek authorities so that you can receive detailed instructions on the requirements for your specific circumstances. Then we will help you to compile your documents, authenticate, translate and have them certified, so that the last thing you need to think about is the complexity of the formal procedures.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our services. We love our job and take it one step further than other translators. We make communication an easy thing for all concerned, allowing you to think of the really important things, like the colour of your wedding dress and tux.

Working with brides and grooms and assisting them to make their Greek Wedding dream come true is a truly fulfilling part of our work at Metaphrase.

Documents for Weddings in Greece

For your marriage to take place in Greece you may need some or all of the following documents, depending on your personal circumstances:

– A valid passport of the bride and groom

– Original birth certificates of the bride and groom*

– Certified translation into English of overseas birth certificates (if either – or both – the bride or groom have been born overseas)*

– Change of name certificate (if either – or both – the bride or groom have changed their name) or Birth Certificate with History of Name Change

– Single Status (No Record) Certificate for the bride and groom*

– Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage for the bride and groom*

– Divorce certificates (if either – or both – the bride or groom are divorced) – Absolute Decree, NOT Decree Nisi*

– Death Certificate of previous spouse (if either – or both – the bride or groom are widowed)*

– A Statutory Declaration of Intention to be married

– Completed application form provided by the Greek Authorities

– A wedding notice to be published in a Greek National Newspaper, two issues of which need to be submitted to the Greek Authorities

* All these ORIGINAL certificates need to be taken to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for an Apostille to be affixed. Then, a Greek translator, accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters (NAATI) and registered with the Greek Consulate, needs to translate all documents. Finally, the Greek Consulate will need to legalise all original documents and translations.

When you have organised your wedding you will need to fax copies of all these legal documents to the Greek Authorities as soon as possible! When you arrive in Greece you will need to submit the original documents to the Authorities before you get married.

Our Wedding Document Services

Legal requirements will vary depending on your particular circumstances, your age, marital status, country of birth, nationality, type of wedding ceremony, as well as on the Venue and Location in Greece. Ask us how we can help you to determine what those requirements are in your specific case.

Your marriage on a Greek Island can be a dream come true. If you wish to get married in Greece, we are here to help you make that dream come true without the disappointments. Our job is to make sure that you take with you all the legal documents needed so that your experience is just what you thought it would be: a marvelous one!

We are the most well-known providers of Wedding Document Translations in Australia for weddings that take place on the Greek Islands. You can trust our experienced team of Translators and Interpreters to ensure that your wedding plans go smoothly, just as they should.

Call us on 1300 664 988 or fill out our Online Enquiry Form to see how we can help you with your wedding plans.

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